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Chris' beach mission blog post 1

Day 1 - 28 July 2018

Welcome to my beach mission mini blog. We arrived in Perranporth Cornwall today for two weeks of children's clubs, family events, and community outreach to all ages, all in the name of Jesus. Just a few hours in and we're unpacked and have just participated in the Perranporth carnival, we've given out 400 lollipops and a few hundred more leaflets. I was accompanied by my family and Alan the lion puppet. The team did a great job talking to the locals and holiday makers, meeting old friend and new. It's shaping up to be a great mission, I can't say the best mission as I believe the mission has been going since 1904, and despite what my kids believe, I wasn't around then. Welll that's all for now, as I'm exhausted and it's team devotions at 10, I hope to post again tomorrow. 

God bless. Chris.

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