Published by Sam Swyer on Fri, 14 Sep 2018 09:00

Acts 4 Sharing

This Harvest Ringwood Parish have decided to support the local Christian charity Acts 4 Sharing.

Acts 4 Sharing is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation which aims to share the love of Christ in practical ways, combining evangelism with social care. They are based in Ringwood and work within a 25 mile radius (and occasionally in Latvia)

Acts 4 Sharing works by referral, helping anyone who needs it regardless of gender, colour, race, ethnic origin or faith (or none) and helps the community in a number of different ways;

* By collecting & passing on donated items

* Sharing time, energy & skills to help with practical projects

* Providing services to individuals & networking with other charities/organisations working to prevent /relieve poverty

This year our donation requests are a little different, to help Acts 4 Sharing work in the community most effectively we suggest the following donations for Harvest, please:

Basic electric kettle / Washing up cloths / Washing up brush / Kitchen bin / Tray / Towels / Blankets / Pillows / Paint brushes / Basic 2 slice toaster / Cutlery set / Kitchen utensils / Kitchen knives / Tea towel / Washing up bowl / Sponsor a 2nd hand washing machine £30

Additional information about the charity can be viewed here.

Let’s make a real difference this year and help this very worthy cause.

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