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This week has been a busy week again at Ringwood Parish Church in terms of the ongoing works.

On Saturday morning a group of our men from St Johns and St Peter & St Pauls met at the church and cleared the huge pile of timber from the Old Organ Loft comprising of dismantled old pews that were suffering with wood worm attack and previously removed flooring.

It was all loaded in to a large grain trailer provided by Hallam Mills from Bisterne Farm and driven by Martin his farm manager back to the estate to be burnt. A huge thank you is owed to Hallam, Martin and those that came to help.

Martin & Tony Nov18

Tractor removing wood at Ringwood Parish Church Nov18

On Tuesday the carpet was laid the coffee area with one step closer to completion of this space and in addition to the regular Wednesday Coffees we were also able to hold the SPSP committee meeting in the new space on Wednesday evening.

Deputy Churchwarden Pankhurst & progress in the coffee area so far Nov18

Work continues in the vestry with the new electrics, and installation of the structural steel to form the stairwell taking place on Wednesday. John has now started on the construction of the stud work for the new cupboards, so the space is starting to take shape.

Work in the Choir Vestry Nov18
Work in the Choir Vestry1 Nov18

Outside, Salisbury Cathedral Glass visited on Thursday to replace part of the secondary glazing to one of the windows on the south elevation of the chancel that had been damaged by a stone from the mowing machine.

Salisbury Cathedral Glass Nov18

With all of this work being undertaken there is a fair bit of disruption in the church and some spaces are getting quite dusty and cramped where displaced items are being stored temporarily. A big thank you has to go out to everyone for being understanding but it will be worth it when these spaces are completed.

Kevin Jones

Deputy Churchwarden

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