Published by Sam Swyer on Mon, 4 Mar 2019 13:01

We have been asked to pass this letter of thanks on to the PCC and Congregation of The Parish of Ringwood with Ellingham and Harbridge:

I am writing to express our grateful thanks for meeting your common mission fund request for 2018  in full, enabling the funding of mission and ministry right across the Diocese of Winchester.

As a result of your generosity and the generosity of others so much has been achieved at both a local and wider level.

Amongst many things this generosity helps sustain parish clergy across the diocese and trains new clergy.

Your generosity also sustains parish ministry; measured by every ill person visited, every confirmation course run, every assembly taken, every bereaved family comforted, every baptism celebrated, every sermon preached, Holy Communion celebrated, and person shown the love of Christ through our care, comfort and compassion. And lots more.

This ministry not only supplies

the needs of the saints but

overflows with many

thanksgivings to God 

2 Cor 9:12 

Once again thank you for your generosity and for your continued commitment and encouragement, all of which is greatly appreciated.

Yours sincerely,


Colin Harbidge

Head of Operations

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