Published by Sam Swyer on Mon, 11 Mar 2019 12:54

Have you ever been the victim of fake news; has anyone ever made up a story about you? Have you ever been lied about? Are you a victim of gossip? If so, how did you feel, sad, mad, vengeful, used or just powerless to do anything about it!

So, what of Jesus Christ I wonder how He would feel if he turned up here on earth today, seeing as his life and message have been twisted, and in some cases used as justification for war and murder!

The problem is because of all this twisting of who Jesus was, why he came and what his message was, over the last 2000 years it has become difficult to get a glimpse of the real Jesus. So, is the truth out there, and what is the true message of Jesus? To be honest if I said I had all the answers it would be a lie and arrogant of me, nevertheless I do believe there are answers to fundamental questions such as, “who Jesus was and why he came”. However, I believe the best way for people to learn something is to discover it for themselves, something Jesus encouraged his Disciples to do. So who was Jesus, what did he really say and why was he born? If you are interested and want to know more about Jesus why not join us at one or more of our six Churches in the Ringwood Benefice during Holy Week and Easter Day, what you discover about Jesus may surprise you and it may even change your life!

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Rev Ian Whitham

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