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Christmas Tree Festival 2019

Decorate and display your Christmas Tree at the Parish Church!

Trees can be real or artificial, any size up to 7ft in height.  Decorate it however you wish to reflect your organisation, business, school or group!

You can display a sign up to A4 size with your tree so that everyone knows who you are, and to promote your business or group

The location of the tree within in the church is at the church's discretion.  We aim to create the best experience for visitors and locations will depend on the sizes and numbers of trees on display

Refreshments will be available to visitors throughout the Festival.  It will be advertised extensively in local media, through social media and through the local churches’ networks.  Christmas Tree Festivals are hugely popular and attract hundreds of visitors.

Dates and Times:

Set up from 11am on Wednesday 4th December

Festival open to the public        Thursday 5th          10am – 5pm

                                                Friday 6th               10am – 8pm

                                                Saturday 7th           10 am – 5pm

                                                Sunday 8th             12pm – 3pm

Take down Monday 9th December

SIGN UP BELOW or email:

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