During the Christening service your child will be baptised. Being baptised is the first step in an amazing, life-long journey with God. These are always wonderful occasions where parents, godparents and friends gather with the Church community to celebrate the life of their child and to have them become part of the Christian Church. The parents and godparents will make promises on behalf of the child to raise them in the Christian faith. There is an expectation that having joined the Church parents will attend services regularly following the Christening.

You can find details of our Sunday Services here.


The Christenings Project 

The Church of England has produced a really helpful website about Christenings which contains information for parents, godparents and guests. The site also answers a lot of 'frequently asked questions' which you might find helpful.

Click here to access the Christenings Project wesbite.


Connecting Rite






After you've got in touch with us (see below) about your Child's Christening, we'll give you details of our next 'Connecting Rite' baptism preparation session. It's really important you attend this session before you have your child Christened. The session will cover the basics of the Christian faith, run through the Christening Service and tell you about some of the activities Ringwood Benefice offers for families. 

Get in touch...

If you feel you are ready to explore Christenings further, please click on the link below and complete as much information as you can. We'll then get in touch with you asap. 


Please click here to complete the 'baptism enquiry form'.