Congratulations! An exciting time lies ahead, this page is here to give you information about the first steps to getting marries in one of the 6 churches in Ringwood Benefice. This page also provides information on Banns of Marriage if you're getting married elsewhere. 

The Church of England has produced a helpful website packed with information about getting married in Church. Links to some of the important sections are offered below. 

Legal Qualifications 

You have to meet certain requriments in order to be legally married in Church. Find out more here.

In most cases to be married in a Church of England church you will need to have banns published. Find out more here.


Of course you want to know how much it will cost to get married in one of our churches. So, we've prepared a helpful booklet outlining the costs involved. All fees in relation to your marriage service must be paid in full before the wedding can proceed. 

Information Leaflet 

Get in touch...

If you'd like progress having your marriage service in one of our Churches or require Banns of Marriage to be called please use the appropriate form below and we'll be in touch with you:

Please click here to get in touch about holding a Marriage Service in one of our churches. 


Please click here, if you're getting married outside of Ringwood Benefice and need us to publish banns.