Chris' beach mission blog post 12

Well, here at the beach mission we realise that evangelism is often a long game and we often have to build up relationships over many years before people of any age decide to follow Jesus for themselves. Also it is quite usual for someone to make a commitment and not tell anyone untill many years later. Every year we hear testimonies from people going back decades, for the first time.

So if we didn't hear of anyone responding to our message we wouldn't be discouraged, because God's word never comes back to him with out achieving what it was sent out to do.

All that said God has been amazingly gracious this year and allowed us to see some of what he is doing.
Lauren and Thea gave their testimonies in Minors, about how God has been faithful to them through difficult times during their lives, as a result six young people became Christians. We also learned that that three of the Gap youth group did the same during the swing dance yesterday and these are just a couple of the amazing stories that are coming to light.

It has been such an encouragement to us, because it has been very difficult for us all at times, and we have had to rely so much on the strength of Jesus to carry us through. With one more day to go we ask for your prayers in three areas.

1: That God will keep giving us strength to finish well

2: For the people just embarking on their lives with Jesus, that they will be fed and sustained.

3: For the work of the local churches as they seek to discipleship them.

In case you were wondering today's photo symbolises the party going on in heaven right now.

God bless, Chris.


Chris' beach mission blog post 11

Today has been fabulous, we received a visit from a swing band from Creationfest, to get Perranporth dancing. They came with dancers too and shared their testimony and scripture, along with some great music.

Before them a steel pan band played a series of hymns and Disney songs and gave several folks a chance to have a go for themselves.

The team joined in with dancing and led some very energetic games such as volleyball. Carson the dog was there too, doing magic tricks and if you don't believe me you should have been there.

It was a joyous atmosphere and it looked like everyone was having a lovely time. So a really big thank you to all the guys at Creationfest.

Tonight we are all in the Memorial Hall for a family quiz night, to deepen the friendships we have already made.

Only two full days to go, will our Space Cadets make it into space and will any of them meet Jesus for the first time? Thankfully God's in charge of the latter and we play our part but ultimately it is up to his Spirit.

God bless, Chris.


Chris' beach mission blog post 10


Today was a good day, difficult, challenging and tiring, but good. As we push into the final few days we are expectant that we shall see God at work. You never know the full impact of the mission, but every year we hear stories from people who gave their life to Jesus or were helped through a really tough time during past missions, our job is just to run this one in obedience and leave the rest to God.

If by reading any of the blogs you feel inspired to volunteer for a beach mission, I would encourage you to prayerfully consider it. We are not looking for super Christians just for people with a heart for Jesus and the people we serve. It is a wonderful place to grow your gifts and talents and a safe place to try something new. The pictures are from one of our daily team meetings with our mission leaders Emma and James Ellin. Every one is supported to help them reach their God given potential. Hopefully everyone feels that when they leave that someone has invested in them over the course of the mission. I feel fairly confident in this claim as we are constantly encouraged to minister to one another.

Of course beach mission is just a fortnight within a lifetime of discipleship and I don't want to over sell it, but quite a few team members have been coming for many years, to serve yes, but also I believe to grow. It's great to be in a nurturing environment with other flawed individuals who are giving their best, and sometimes learning through faliure, how to love and serve Jesus by loving and serving others.

God bless, Chris.


Chris' beach mission blog post 9

Today's blog photo is of breakfast time with the 360 mission team. As I looked out at this scene this morning I thought to myself, this is community, this is church. We eat together, worship together and work together. We are a group of people of all ages and backgrounds with a plethora of experiences, problems and opinions. Last night Ben reminded us, during devotions, that we are United by one thing and that is we have all received God's mercy.

Beach mission is a great leveller, and of course like all churches we have some disagreements, but we get on well (most of the time) because we have a common mission. For me it is very reminiscent of the early church in the book of Acts. Maybe that's why they grew like topsy not just because they shared everything in common, but for them the purpose of the mission was very clear.

I know in the Ringwood Benefice we're trying to put together our vision for the future, I just hope we can keep it clear and simple, because as beach mission shows that when we unite behind a common goal, God takes care of the rest

God bless,

Chris' beach mission blog post 8

Very short blog today. The photo is of the team relaxing with beach games this evening after visiting local churches to offer fellowship and encouragment.

If you pray, please pray for the following key events this week.

Every day: Morning show and age group activities.

Monday: The wetter the better, games.

Tuesday: Hunt the leader, family event.

Wednesday: Swing dance extravaganza and family quiz night.

Thursday: 360 beach games.

Friday: 360 grand finale at 6.30pm.

Thank you and God bless, Chris.


Chris' beach mission blog post 7

Today's blog is mostly just a round up of what happened yesterday. The first photo is of poor Lauren covered in shaving foam and wotsits, she came off worse in the afternoons competition of 'take on the team'. I can't really explain all the games as I only just about got to grips with the one I was running, however, despite the choas it was very popular and those taking part had a blast.
In the morning we concluded our age groups with a round up of Daniel so far. The word of the day was focus, as we focussed on Jesus illuminated by Daniel's story. Just as Daniel and his friends chose to focus on God and not bow down, literally to the culture around them, we focussed on Jesus and following him.
I did a Christian meditation with the Minors that borrowed heavily from Holman Hunt, picturing the door to their heart, with Jesus knocking on the outside but with the handle on the inside.
We finished the morning show with an invitation to choose to follow Jesus and plenty of gunge!
We finished the day with a stroll and roll, consisting of a beach walk and a hot dog. This was a great opportunity to get to know some of the families better.
As we have our day off today we day goodbye to those who were only with us for week one and hello to those arriving for week two. This is a solemn ceremony which is celebrated in the traditional British style of a barbeque. (A very nice barbeque).
God bless, Chris.

Chris' beach mission blog post 6

Well, we're in the final straight for Beach Mission week one. Today has been fabulous, so much energy and enthusiasm from the kids and the team.
Today's word of the day was believe. Shadrach Meshach and Abednego had to believe that God would save them in the fiery furnace and we too believe that Jesus will never leave us no matter how difficult, dark or dangerous life may get
This evening's family event was the tide fight. Each team had to build a sand throne and place a leader on top. They then had to wait as the tide advances towards them, the winner is the one who stays driest the longest. The teenagers in Gap won again, I am beginning to think that it may be rigged!
The team leader sat on the sand throne is Keith who also takes care of the tech for the morning show. He deserves a special mention because despite being in the smallest throne, built by the Minis, he didn't give up despite the fact that that he got absolutely drenched.
Another note worthy event was the cream tea that Bex and Rachel arranged for Perran Bay.
I have a feeling that tomorrow will be a significant day for us, so if you are able to please pray for us God bless, Chris.

Chris' beach mission blog post 5

Just a short blog post today, as I've been a bit under the weather and I have therefore tried to get some rest this afternoon.
The word for today was strength. Daniel relied on God's strength to do the impossible of interpreting Nebuchadnezzar's dream, without being told what it was, and likewise we can do the impossible for God through Christ who strengthens us.
The pictures are of the Micros area, where mum's, toddlers, and babies can play and chill with some nice coffee provided. Sam is running this area this year and it has been well used each day with some great conversations going on
In the background you can see Perran Bay retirement home. The residents look forward to the mission every year as they have a ring side seat to view all the antics of our young people. Rachel and Bex have been visiting the home every day and chatting with the people there and sharing the love of Jesus.
Sadly, I missed the sand sculpture competition this afternoon, but by all accounts it was amazing.
That's all for now, it's the fiery furnace tomorrow, and that's not just the weather. God bless, Chris.

Chris' beach mission blog post 4

So, I am writing today's mini blog on top of a sand dune waiting to be found during our evening game of find the leader. see photo.
Today has been a great day, with loads more fun and fellowship on the inner green. The word of the day for the morning show was wisdom. Daniel had to pray to God for wisdom to know and interpret king Nebuchadnezzar's dream and John's Gospel tells us that Jesus is the word or Wisdom personified.
The other picture is of Reg and Dan in our morning show. Reg is approaching his 95th birthday, and became a Christian during the 1950s during the Billy Graham rallies. He later worked as a missionary to China on the OM ships . He is a wonderful example of the fact that Christians never retire, and that we all have something to offer no matter what our age or abilities may be.
I saw Reg reading his Bible late one night and later flippantly remarked that I thought he must know it all by heart now. He replied that yes he knew it well, but he still needed to feed on it every day; which is quite true and put me in my place. God bless, Chris.

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Chris' beach mission blog post 3

So mini blog post number three, but only day one Beach Mission proper. We began with registering about eighty young people and then we launched into my main area of responsibility, the morning show. Yes that is me I. An orange space suit, it still suprises me what I'll do for the sake of the the Gospel. I have a wonderful team around me, Ed the two Dans, Reg, Keith and James. We are preparing our young as Space Cadets as a way of getting them to feel empathy with Daniel, Shadrach Meshach and Abednego, who had to serve God in a Foreign Land.
Each day we have a word for the day and today's word was chosen, because Daniel and his friends were chosen for the king's service.
In between the two shows we split up into age groups and played some games and learned about Daniel,and we managed to dodge the showers and do all of this on the green outside.
This afternoon we had beach games, which were a bit like a school sports day only more imaginative and far more competitive.
There's no evening event in the green tonight, but we'll all be busy planning and more up at the school tonight.
God bless, Chris.

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Chris' beach mission blog post 2

his is a slightly unexpected blog post today, I know that God is full of surprises but I couldn't see this one coming. The 360 Beach Mission team were trying to catch a domestic rabbit in the playground of the school where we are staying. I am pleased to inform you that I was the successful bunny catcher. I'm not sure of the rabbit's gender, but I am calling him/her Daniel as we are covering The story of Daniel and his friends in the morning groups Like Daniel he has been taken into captivity and been given vegetables to eat.
Today has been a day for preparing age group material and morning shows, we have got some new team members this year and the planning is always a good opportunity to settle in
We had (an indoor) picnic lunch with some of the locals today followed by a Church service Together service in the Memorial Hall. It was great to have a time of fellowship with all our local friends and supporters.
Well that's it for now, but if anyone in Perranporth has lost a white dwarf lop rabbit near the school please let me know. God bless, Chris.

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Post 1, Day 1 - 28 July 2018

Welcome to my beach mission mini blog. We arrived in Perranporth Cornwall today for two weeks of children's clubs, family events, and community outreach to all ages, all in the name of Jesus.

Just a few hours in and we're unpacked and have just participated in the Perranporth carnival, we've given out 400 lollipops and a few hundred more leaflets. I was accompanied by my family and Alan the lion ...puppet. The team did a great job talking to the locals and holiday makers, meeting old friend and new.
It's shaping up to be a great mission, I can't say the best mission as I believe the mission has been going since 1904, and despite what my kids believe, I wasn't around then. Welll that's all for now, as I'm exhausted and it's team devotions at 10, I hope to post again tomorrow. God bless. Chris.